General Information

1.     Registration fee for the papers presented via online system is 250 ₺ (50 €) for one abstract or full-text paper.

2.     Registration fee for the papers physically presented at the location of Duzce University is 250₺ (50 €) for one abstract or full-text paper. For this registration system, the participants should benefit from activities of the conference.

3.     Each additional paper is charged extra 250 ₺ (50€).

4.     Symposium language is Turkish and English, and the presentation language should be the same with the manuscript language. 

5.    If your work is to be evaluated in Elsevier Materials Today Proceedings, and SCI-E journals, the text must be in English. Please note that the selected papers will be re-reviewed in the journal portals by the management of the guest editors among the conference organization committee members.

6.     The participation of the listeners is free. However, they can not benefit from services provided to registrants.

7.     Participation certificate will be issued only for the presenter.

8.      Full text submission is not madatory.

Registration Fee Includes

1.     Abstract and Full paper symposium proceedings (It will be published on the symposium website until March 15, 2022).

2.     Certificate of Presentation.

3.     Opening cocktails (First Day Evening).

4.     Social Events (Breakfast on sunday).


Bank Account Information

You can upload your receipts here.

Name   : Düzce Üniversitesi Mühendislik Fakültesi D.S.İ.

TRY (₺)                             :  TR48  0001 2009 327 00044 0000 09

Name   : Düzce Üniversitesi Döner Sermaye Merkez İşletme Müdürlüğü

EUR (€)                            :   TR87 0001 2009 3270 0058 0002 87 

USD ($)                            :   TR60 0001 2009 3270 0058 0002 88